With a large display, streamlined interface, and multi-lingual capabilities our washers have controls which are easy to use. They offer ultimate cycle flexibility with precise settings allowing for the most customized washes and delicate loads, including wet cleaning. Our express washers also have built-in spinners.
We know that drying bedding and extra-large loads can be a time-consuming but vital process. That’s why we offer faster, more efficient dryers. Our new 50 lb dryers have reversing cylinders to change the tumbling direction throughout the cycle.
Our touchscreen kiosks allow you to pay with your credit/debit cards and cash to pre-load your physical FREE loyalty card. The 10” color touchscreen displays are user-friendly and provide on-screen video instruction which make the transactions easy and fast.
Sleep like a baby

Sleep tight and wake up right.

Clean any size comforter, blanket or quilt for $15.99. Coupon must be presented with incoming orders. Offer is not valid on down-filled or duvet covers. See printed coupon for full disclaimer.

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Woodhill Express Laundry offers much more than your average Laundromat in Lexington area. We take pride in providing a better service experience than anyone else.

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